Product of the Month: C9 by Champion Impact Athletic Shoe

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So I have resolved to exercise and eat better, as I have many times and failed horribly, but this time I’m for reals haha.

I decided to start off right by getting some good work out shoes which also served as a motivational boost (I don’t know what it is about buying fitness clothes but it inspires me).

This is the first pair of running shoes that I’ve ever owned; and I LOVE them!

They are WAY light and made with ventilated fabric so your feet don’t get all sweaty, and their design helps with balance and also allows natural movement which makes them super comfy.

I got mine at Target for $29.99 which I think is an amazing price for these shoes.


I’m currently starting this regimen I found on Pinterest that takes you from being a walker to a runner. If you’re interested you can find the regimen here.  If you wish to follow me on pinterest you can find me here!

So wish me luck as I try to create a healthy lifestyle; and if you’re on the same boat: I’m proud of you; good job, keep going!!!

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Product of the Month: Yes to Carrots Nourishing Daily Cream Facial Cleanser

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I am saying yes to carrots and you should too. If you’re like me and have combo/dry skin or if your face is very dry I strongly suggest picking this gem up ASAP!

This cleanser is just as it describes; nourishing and CREAMY. Now I exaggerated the creamy bit because a cream cleanser means that it most likely WON’T bubble up and you need only use a PEA size amount… whaaaa?! That’s right, so that tube is gonna last you a quite a while.

It smells like baby lotion (and I compared ingredients) and trust me, they are nothing alike. This of course contains carrots (which provides that lovely hydration), as well as soothing aloe, and vitamin E and green tea to provide some much needed antioxidants! But that’s just to name a few of its many beneficial ingredients!

I picked this baby up at Target for $7.99 (before tax) which is the normal price you would pay on an average face wash, but considering the ingredients this is a steal! You can also find this at Wal-Mart as well as some drugstores.

So to all my peeps who need that extra hydration, GO GET THIS NOW, you’re welcome. P.S. Don’t forget to moisturize!

Much Love ❤

Product of the Month: Lavender Luminosity Moisture Plus Lotion

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So this month we’re looking at Lavender Luminosity Moisture Plus Lotion by Avalon Organics!

First of all, if you get this product, shake it up really good before you use it because the time it spends sitting on  store shelves causes slight separation which isn’t uncommon with natural, organic, or waterproof products. I forgot this when I first put it on and it felt thick and chalky!

Now for the application:

You literally need only a dime size amount!

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Next gently rub in hands then spread evenly over face and up the neck. Now due to the SPF (sunscreen) it will look a little bit pasty (which will set those with darker complexions on edge) but trust me it does soak in and disappear! After spreading, pat it in til your skin has completely absorbed it.

This product has that lovely, citrusy, lavender smell and is very light with a watery feel. It also has an SPF of 15  which is always a plus!

Now my skin is combination (oily/dry) that leans more towards dry; so unfortunately this product was just under the right amount of hydration for me. However, those with combination/oily to oily skin this product will be great. And Lavender is a soothing ingredient so it’s great for those who have a little sensitivity as well (this product also boasts that it’s hypoallergenic by the way).

Now I got mine here (yes I love Vitacost) but I’m sure you can find it wherever organic and natural products are sold.

Bare in mind that normally moisturizers come in 1fl. oz.  sizes. Lets say you would normally pay around $7 for a decent moisturizer, with this one I paid about $1.66 an oz. (not including shipping); and since this is for day time moisture only (because of SPF) using the proper amount will make this product last months, possibly a year!

So if your skin is on the oily side I highly suggest giving this a whirl; however, if your skin is on the dry side like mine, hold off for something with a little more hydration.

Do you have a favorite moisturizer you can’t live without? Please share!

Product of the Month: Dr. Wood’s Shea Vision Pure Black Soap


I know it’s a little late in July to start a product of the month but, who cares right?

Today I’m going to talk about one of Dr. Wood’s Pure Black Soap products. (purchased mine here)

This particular soap is one of those do it all products. Some use it for their hair (which I didn’t care for in that sense), some for face and body wash, bubble bath, or dish, floor, and counter cleaner, whaaa?!

I will say that I am a California licensed Esthetician so as far as skin goes, I know my stuff. As a facial and body wash it’s great. It has a runny gel texture that bubbles up nicely to remove all the excess oils and surface impurities, and because it’s equipped with hydrating Shea Butter it won’t leave your skin feeling too dry. You will still need to moisturize after cleansing as always.

The smell is a bit heavy; if you’re a fan of scents along the lines of Sandalwood you will love this! It’s main ingredient is roasted plantain (type of African banana) peel which aids in gentle exfoliation to help keep your skin fresh and bright.

But the reason I love this product is because it serves as a great…wait for it…SHAVING GEL!!!

Because of its runny texture it gives that perfect slip for a comfortable shave. And thanks to the exfoliation it leaves your skin way smooth!

Do you have a shaving secret weapon?