Product of the Month: Sleep Pillow Mist by Bath&BodyWorks

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Fact: Bath&BodyWorks has an aromatherapy line and it is amazing!

Aromatherapy is one of my favorite ways to usher in a relaxed mood; and this pillow mist is perfect for doing just that.

They actually have two versions of the Sleep line one is lavender vanilla and one is lavender chamomile (which is my favorite). And not only do they have mists but they have lotions, body washes, scrubs, bath salts, and more!

I have also tried the body wash from their Stress Relief line, it has a eucalyptus spearmint scent that is absolutely wonderful!

They have two other lines to explore as well, which are: Energy (orange ginger) and Sensual (jasmine vanilla).

I got my mist for $10.00 but they are always having sales and giving out coupons so keep an eye out and give it a try!

Here’s a tip to boost your relaxation: Before you go to bed rub a bit of their massage oil onto the soles of your feet as well as on your chest. why on the feet you ask? Simply because the larger pores allow for faster absorbance.



Some of My Favorite Things (Right Now)

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Today I’m sharing a list five  simple things that I have been loving lately.

First up we have an Anthropologie mug. I literally would love to have every mug and tea cup in that store! This was has been a fave for awhile now as it sports my new last initial. Take a peek at Anthro’s collection here

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Next is a ‘Wall Flower’ by Bath & Body Works. This is our first one so we assume it lasts at least a month, but man, they smell delicious! We’re enjoying Chestnut and Clove right now and saving Sweater Weather for later. Check ’em out here

photo 3

Then we have a F21 necklace that I love for two reasons: 1 It’s rose gold (who doesn’t love that) 2 It looks like a party banner! Check out other triangular designs here


Here we have a lip color in Sassy Mauve by Revlon that I had purchased here. It is the perfect touch of mauve for all us of fair-skinned peeps!

photo 4photo (1)

And last but not least…PAPER STRAWS! I’m obsessed. They are so much fun and come in so many designs, and no, you do not have to have a party in order to use them! I purchased mine here, here, and here. Gotta love that Etsy!

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What are some things you’re loving right now? Please share!