Product of the Month: C9 by Champion Impact Athletic Shoe

photo 2 (1)

So I have resolved to exercise and eat better, as I have many times and failed horribly, but this time I’m for reals haha.

I decided to start off right by getting some good work out shoes which also served as a motivational boost (I don’t know what it is about buying fitness clothes but it inspires me).

This is the first pair of running shoes that I’ve ever owned; and I LOVE them!

They are WAY light and made with ventilated fabric so your feet don’t get all sweaty, and their design helps with balance and also allows natural movement which makes them super comfy.

I got mine at Target for $29.99 which I think is an amazing price for these shoes.


I’m currently starting this regimen I found on Pinterest that takes you from being a walker to a runner. If you’re interested you can find the regimen here.  If you wish to follow me on pinterest you can find me here!

So wish me luck as I try to create a healthy lifestyle; and if you’re on the same boat: I’m proud of you; good job, keep going!!!

photo 1 (1)


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