Product of the Month: Yes to Carrots Nourishing Daily Cream Facial Cleanser

photo (29)

I am saying yes to carrots and you should too. If you’re like me and have combo/dry skin or if your face is very dry I strongly suggest picking this gem up ASAP!

This cleanser is just as it describes; nourishing and CREAMY. Now I exaggerated the creamy bit because a cream cleanser means that it most likely WON’T bubble up and you need only use a PEA size amount… whaaaa?! That’s right, so that tube is gonna last you a quite a while.

It smells like baby lotion (and I compared ingredients) and trust me, they are nothing alike. This of course contains carrots (which provides that lovely hydration), as well as soothing aloe, and vitamin E and green tea to provide some much needed antioxidants! But that’s just to name a few of its many beneficial ingredients!

I picked this baby up at Target for $7.99 (before tax) which is the normal price you would pay on an average face wash, but considering the ingredients this is a steal! You can also find this at Wal-Mart as well as some drugstores.

So to all my peeps who need that extra hydration, GO GET THIS NOW, you’re welcome. P.S. Don’t forget to moisturize!

Much Love ❤


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