Our Labor Day Weekend Adventure: Old Pasadena!

photo (18)

I love Old Pasadena; I literally want to pack up my things and move there right now!

It was the first trip for both the hubbs and I and we were not disappointed. Everywhere we turned there were gorgeous brick walls, rich architecture, fabulous restaurants, and plenty of shops!

Two story F21!

photo (20)

Ok so let me tell you about my Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea experience. The ambiance was amazing, the staff was awesome, but I was in no way prepared. On their small and simple menu I failed to notice the cold drinks that they offered and blindly ordered a Machiatto. I was greeted with this adorable little cup of jo that just about killed me! I’m not a hardcore coffee drinker, alright? I like my super creamy, flavored Starbucks and I don’t care what you hipsters say!

photo (27)

photo (28)

After that, we grabbed lunch at a quaint lil restaurant called IL FORNAIO which turned out to be a lot more upscale than we thought. The servers were more serving than we’re used to, EVERYTHING was in Italian, and everything was delicious!

photo (23)

I wish our Salvation Army looked like this!

photo (21)

photo (25)

photo (19)

photo (26)

Ice cream is one of my edible weaknesses, so naturally I go for its rich Italian version for dessert!

photo (24)

Old Pasadena you were amazing, and I look forward to visiting you again very soon.

I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!


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