Product of the Month: Dr. Wood’s Shea Vision Pure Black Soap


I know it’s a little late in July to start a product of the month but, who cares right?

Today I’m going to talk about one of Dr. Wood’s Pure Black Soap products. (purchased mine here)

This particular soap is one of those do it all products. Some use it for their hair (which I didn’t care for in that sense), some for face and body wash, bubble bath, or dish, floor, and counter cleaner, whaaa?!

I will say that I am a California licensed Esthetician so as far as skin goes, I know my stuff. As a facial and body wash it’s great. It has a runny gel texture that bubbles up nicely to remove all the excess oils and surface impurities, and because it’s equipped with hydrating Shea Butter it won’t leave your skin feeling too dry. You will still need to moisturize after cleansing as always.

The smell is a bit heavy; if you’re a fan of scents along the lines of Sandalwood you will love this! It’s main ingredient is roasted plantain (type of African banana) peel which aids in gentle exfoliation to help keep your skin fresh and bright.

But the reason I love this product is because it serves as a great…wait for it…SHAVING GEL!!!

Because of its runny texture it gives that perfect slip for a comfortable shave. And thanks to the exfoliation it leaves your skin way smooth!

Do you have a shaving secret weapon?


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