Unplanned Housewife


When I got engaged OUR plan was for me to work a part-time job until we had our first child; but GOD’S plan was quite different.

I used to work for a franchise (whom I won’t name here) who’s particular owner thought that throwing around schedules and cutting work days down to one a week served as great motivation; yeah….NOT!

Many times on my ‘after work’ visits to my Fiance, I would be overly stressed and angry, or in discouraged tears.

One night I was bawling my eyes out and asked if, after we were married, I could just quit and then look for another job (our previous plan was for me to stay at this place til I found work elsewhere). We prayed about it then and there with a month left til we were married.

The next day I was laid off! I had a mixed feeling of relief and rejection, mostly relief, but never fear because I knew this was God’s will for us.

I soon applied for a job only to receive a letter of rejection a couple weeks later, we didn’t care, we had marriage on the brain.

And now that we are married I am totally thankful that God has provided for us in such a way that I can stay home. ‘Settling in’ is not as easy as it sounds, nor is running a home regardless of how much preparation you have undergone. I know that for me personally, I couldn’t run our home as well if I were working; God truly does know best.

So hat’s off to all the ladies on the same boat as me, your job is unique, necessary, and deserves respect regardless of what this modern age tells you. Do not feel guilty or useless because it’s quite obvious you are needed where you are.

Much love to you all xoxo


2 thoughts on “Unplanned Housewife

  1. Thank you Jaque, I love being a stay home momma. Don’t get me wrong those women who have a full time job and are moms and wives; hats of to them. I just can’t don’t that though I need all my focus and love and home. Praying for you!

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