Modesty Goes to the Beach!

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It’s Summer time ladies, and we’ve all been there, sitting on the beach or laying out by the pool only to be surrounded by a bunch of scantily clad women. And there you are; in your two piece that is more on the modest side, and actually pretty darn cute, and now and then you get that uncomfortable feeling that you’re either being hounded by a wolf, or criticized for your supposed lack of fashion sense.

Allow me to introduce you to Jessica Rey. She is designer and shop owner of Rey Swimwear and here you will find a short vid of her speaking about the pitfalls of beach fashion as well as the truth about modesty; plain and simple.

So please take a few minutes to watch; and prepare to be inspired to explore your own style, and be emboldened in the face of booty shorts and backless shirts (I know I was)!

You can watch the video here:

Check out her shop here:

And I got my cute, vintage vibe swimwear here:


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